22 de Noviembre en la Historia

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1594 - Día Internacional del Músico, En el año 1594 Santa Cecilia fue nombrada patrona de la música por el Papa Gregorio XIII y, a través de los siglos, su figura ha permanecido venerada por la humanidad con ese padrinazgo. Su fiesta es el 22 de noviembre, fecha que corresponde con su nacimiento y que ha sido adoptada mundialmente como el Día de la Música. El padrinazgo de la música le fue otorgado por haber demostrado una atracción irresistible hacia los acordes melodiosos de los instrumentos. Su espíritu sensible y apasionado por este arte convirtió así su nombre en símbolo de la música.
dia internacional del musico

1955 - La URSS hace estallar en Siberia una bomba de hidrógeno.

1956 - Inauguración en Melbourne (Australia) de los XVI Juegos Olímpicos.

1963 - Asesinan al presidente de los EE.UU. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, en Dallas.

1963 - Muere Aldous Leonard Huxley, escritor inglés.
escritor frances
1963 - Los Beatles lanzan su disco "With the Beatles".

1965 - El boxeador Cassius Clay conserva el título mundial de los pesos pesados tras su victoria sobre Floyd Patterson.

1967 - Nace Boris Becker, tenista alemán.
Boris tenista aleman
1975 - Juan Carlos I de Borbón jura como Rey de España.

1977 - Primer vuelo París-Nueva York del Concorde.

1980 - Muere Mae West, actriz estadounidense.

1983 - El Ejército de Liberación Nacional (ELN) colombiano secuestra en Bogotá a Jaime Betancur Quartas, hermano del presidente de la República, Rómulo Betancur.

1987 - Detienen al narcotraficante José Luis Ochoa, uno de los principales "capos" del narcotráfico en Colombia.

1990 - Dimite Margaret Thatcher como primera ministra del Reino Unido.
Margaret Thatcher
1992 - La coalición pro gubernamental "Cambio 90-Nueva Mayoría" gana las elecciones en Perú.

1995 - Simón Peres se convierte en el jefe del XII Gobierno de Israel.

1811 - El Gobierno de las Provincias Unidas del Río de la Plata otorga un estatuto provisional hasta que se redacte la Constitución permanente.

1851 - El escritor y polígrafo venezolano Andrés Bello es nombrado correspondiente de la Real Academia Española.
Andres Bello
1851 - Se inaugura en la capital de México la plaza de toros llamada del Paseo Nuevo.

1859 - Nace Billy the Kid, famoso bandido estadounidense.

1862 - Nace Alberto Williams, músico y educador argentino.

1862 - El Ejército francés en México, que apoyaba al emperador Maximiliano I, ocupa la ciudad de Jalapa.

1876 - Nace Manuel de Falla, compositor español.
Manuel de Falla
1883 - Nace José Clemente Orozco, pintor y muralista mexicano.

1887 - Nace Boris Karloff, actor inglés.

1888 - Nace Harpo Marx, comediante estadounidense.

1891 - Dimite el dictador de Brasil Deodoro de Fonseca y le sucede el vicepresidente, mariscal Floriano Peixoto.

1893 - Muere Piotr Ilich Tchaikovski, compositor ruso.
compositor ruso
1914 - Se retiran de Veracruz, México, las últimas tropas estadounidenses de ocupación.
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with both sides. " Now people often implements the language of sport in political context, and modern baseball has become a synonym for American ideals. but the Is it possible that today's cozy connections between baseball and American identity is rooted in the political environment of the late 1850s and may emerge directly from Lincoln Illinois? On July 24, a warm summer afternoon, took 18 base ball player on the field on the basis of the Excelsior Club is on the corner of Lake and Ann (now Racine) streets in Chicago. Field is in a crowded urban environment just four blocks south of the Galena & Chicago Union railroad lines and Just east of the newly established Union Park. billed as a

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"political match between nine and nine Lincoln Douglas man," the game attracted 1,200 spectators, perhaps the greatest base ball crowd formed in Chicago until that time. Douglas The players won 16-14, and Chicago s Republican newspaper reported the next day, "Never mind, Lincoln men, with success in store where Douglas would not 'running.' He is a lame 'short stop,' and it is 'caught out.' "The ball base language newspaper report are familiar today, and fans do during acknowledged it, too. The writer assumed his readers would understand it meant Douglas would not be running in the upcoming presidential election, that he is a lame short stop, and that he "caught out" at the end. By the summer of 1860, base ball

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has established itself in Chicago. Base ball game during the late 1850s public Festive events hundreds of spectators attended. The games are organized, well publicized, and well attended, with some 500 spectators watching a contest in June 1859 viewers enjoy their time in the game, especially the charges as championship match between the best teams in the city, and they also appreciate the athletic ability of "first-class player." The ball club lured viewers by providing accommodations such as tents erected "for the benefit of women," often among the audience, and at least one time a club given that run the Madison Street omnibus to and from the field every half hour. The early organization, the publication of the notice of the

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to an art exhibition, and a base ball game, Chicagoans wanted to disclose the identity of the city, and base ball is part of effort. The proliferation of printed reports of the game indicates Chicago enthusiasm for sport as well. As early as September 14, 1858, the Chicago Press & Tribune prints the marked boxes. Including the names of the players, each scoring runs, and a list of the final score. Along with these colorful details about the game play and activities to comply with them. The shared spaces such reports in newspapers political reporting, world news, and coverage of the legal system. Such is keeping track of local and national events people, they are reading score the ball as well.

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During the late 1850s, more and more young men began playing the game. More base ball club generated. More and more spectators attended. historians long been aware of the obsession of base ball by players and enthusiasts in New York and Massachusetts in this period, but none have identified the establishment of the game in the Midwest in the late 1850s. During the 1858 and 1859 season, there are at least six established base ball club to play regularly in Chicago. By the end of 1860, there were at least 14 in the area. There was also an established team downstate in Springfield. Base Ball offered a nakakalibang outlets for young men in an urban environment that lacked athletic opportunities. It was

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promoted in the context of a rising interest in physical education and the importance of physical activity in the development of a masculine character and identity. when the Columbia Base Ball Club was formed in May 1859, it announced that it would "serve to increase the stock of muscles having quiet, respectable citizens. "In June of that period when scheduled the Excelsior and Atlantic Base Ball Club a game, the newspaper reported that the same club ". practice vigorously" paper also said it was "pleased to notice the growing interest in this truly American game; believing if widely practiced, it will do more towards the physical improvement of young men in our cities. " The report describes how the game functioned

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as a social tool for the development of respectable citizens, connecting base ball citizenship. The language of early reporting sports revealed a constantly growing enthusiasm for the game. Already being touted Chicago as "very Americans, "base ball is emerging as a Pastime country. This early connection is evidenced also by the name of the new Chicago club in 1860 such as Union, Wide Awake, and Young America. Team name as it is also prevalent in New York, as the name Eagle, National, and Liberty Antebellum Americans are drawing a direct relationship between the base ball and American symbols and ideals;. And base ball field, such as Excelsior Club grounds in Chicago, becomes the site for the public expression of the soul

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of the community and American nationalism. No events in antebellum America offered more proof of identity than an American political campaign. Given that base ball becomes a part of identity of the community, not surprisingly, the Excelsior Base Ball Club would combine two passions: politics and Base Ball During. the club made ??plans for major political ball game, Chicago is a growing Metropolis with over 112,000 residents. It is a city bursting with physical development, economic development, and political vitality. The choice of the Chicago Republican Party for its national convention years to put the city on the political map and infused it with energy. On May 15, the eve of the convention, 25,000 party supporters crowded the downtown area of Chicago.

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Fireworks, cannon fire, and wine Festive contribute to the environment as the city celebrated the arrival time of the campaign. A month later, on June 18 in Baltimore, Stephen A. Douglas won the nomination of his divided Democratic Party, and Chicagoans should appreciate the unlikely scenario of two men battling Illinois for the highest office in the country. It is in the context of the lively atmosphere during the campaign that Lincoln and Douglas base ball players meet on July 24 for the The field itself functioned as Excelsior players that summer afternoon, the game is an extension of their identity as Democrats and Republicans. a common ground where they exhibited their American identity while confronting their political differences in the

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spirit of athletic competition. Fortunately for Abraham Lincoln, the loss suffered by the young base ball players who supported his candidacy does not foreshadow the presidential election in November. But base ball, certainly, came on the national stage. Shortly after the election Lincoln, Currier and Ives published a political cartoon titled "The National Game. Three 'out' and A 'Run, Abraham Winning the Ball. '"The Cartoon depicted a successful Lincoln and his defeated opponent, John Bell, Stephen Douglas, and John Breckinridge. The cartoon captures terminology base ball season, most of it remains with us to this day. All four men were wearing cartoon belts and holding bats to reveal their identities and political positions campaign: "Union Club" and "Fusion" for Bell; "Little

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Giant" and " Non-intervention "for Douglas, and" Disunion Club "and" slavery extension. "For Lincoln Breckinridge belt reads" Wide Awake Club, "and His bat, fashioned as a rail, reads "Equal Rights and Free Territory." It was the first political cartoon to use the basic imagery ball. The use of sport in popular printed summarize the results of a presidential election is strong evidence base ball was established in culture by the 1860 American artist recognized as the national sport status game and drew a direct connection between the two favorite sports in the country. Both politics and base ball illustrated the competitive spirit of time and offered the players and spectators an outlet for creative expression of their individual development and American

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identity. By extension, base ball field provided locally which identity was reinforced and expanded. So perhaps it is possible that the familiar connection we now make between baseball and American identity really is rooted in the exuberant political environment of the late 1850s and not directly out from Lincoln Illinois. A massage therapist wrote to say that he gets commission but no base salary, and are asked to perform tasks such as cleaning the hair out Lockers! Most beautiful spa add an hourly rate in addition to a commission structure. It's not really fair to make towels and write times Therapist postcards when not compensated. Frankly, massage therapist is rarely asked to do more cleaning and maintenance in a room on between

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